Want A Free QR Code for Your Business?

Jun 1, 2012 by

Want A Free QR Code for Your Business?

“What is a qr code?” you ask and “What would I do with one?” QR stands for quick response and unless you’re blind, you’ve seen them popping up everywhere. But, how can this help your business? To get the creative juices flowing, see what this graduate did.

When scanned with a smart phone the code can lead the scanner to a number of places. A store owner can put one in their window and offer an instant discount. A vendor at a fair or craft show could connect it to their website or facebook fan page. You could also direct visitors to sign up for you email list. (If you don’t have an email list read these to see what you’re missing.) There are many more options that are beyond my free offer, but if you’re interested, here are 10 Creative Ways to Use QR Codes for Marketing.

What I’m offering is a FREE qr code directed to a url of your choice. To get this FREE offer you need to sign-up for my email list. You can use the form in the right or left side bar depending on what page you’re reading this, or you can scan the code in this post. After you confirm your subscription you’ll receive an email with instructions to get your code. If you’re already a subscriber, email me, but hurry this offer is only good thru July 31, 2012.

Happy Scanning.

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