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Once you have a website or Facebook page set up you’re not done. Both need maintenance, whether you do that yourself or have someone do it for you. With both you need to monitor for spam. You also need to keep them both current with posts to your wall or blog. Yes your website should have a blog. I know the thought of producing content may frighten you but it’s not has difficult as it seems. I’ll address that later. You need to promote and get traffic to your site or page, part of this is accomplished through the posts. If you have a website you need security and whatever platform you use such as wordpress there are ongoing updates that need to be done.

All these things are needed to keep your web site fresh and ranking high in the search engines. If your busy or not much of a computer person you should outsource this task. If you have someone on staff who is computer savvy you may be able to have them trained to do your web site maintenance, with periodic updates and things change all the time on the Internet.

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