Now That Your Business Has a Website You Need Traffic

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Several years ago if your business had a website that was probably enough and it would be easily found as there wasn’t much competition. Now a days if you just have a static website it is the equivalent of a business card. What do you do with the business cards you receive? If you spend thousands of dollars on your beautiful multi-page website do you want it treated like a business card? I know I wouldn’t.
With numerous websites sharing space on the World Wide Web if you want to stand out, you need targeted traffic to get a good ROI on your website. It would not be possible for hundreds of people to know about your site unless and until you promote it. If you’re a business owner you may think I don’t have time to do that, I have to run my business. Your right, this is why you need to invest in the services of a marketer to do it for you. If that doesn’t seem feasible at the moment then keep reading for the DIY information.
There are many ways to promote and advertise your site. You may not instantly get results but it will certainly help you generate potential traffic. No business website will attract new customers to their store without traffic.
Here are a few easy and simple steps to follow to generate traffic for your website.
The first and simple step to attract readers or users is by writing quality articles. You can write articles related to your website and advertise it. The good content will always have potential readers who will keep visiting your site frequently and will let others know about it as well. You can submit your articles to some popular article sites and provide a one way link to your website.
You can enroll your website to some well known Internet directories. Make sure your site is attractive and well designed to get acceptance from the directories and have a high chance of being viewed.
Make your website search engine optimised (SEO). Use more of key words in your articles so that it stands a high chance of being viewed on the first page of the search engine. An SEO site will be pulled instantly once the key words are typed for the search and it is viewed first.
You can exchange links with non-competitive sites. You can view your links on some of the well-known and frequently visited sites. This definitely helps generate ample traffic to your website.
You can go in for pay per click option as well. This marketing technique helps generate numerous users. There are a few who do not believe in this technique though. However, if you have good content and an attractive site, you are sure to hold the attention of the viewer.
If you are into a business, try and get numbers and address of potential customers. You can mail them about your products or services and at the same time provide them with a link for your site. A well-drafted email is sure to be read, however, it should not be too lengthy or the customer may not visit the site.
Users and viewers are the lifeline of every website. If you don’t generate new targeted traffic, your pretty website is just a very expensive business card. This has been a brief overview on ways to get traffic. To get more tips, signed-up for my newsletter. if you haven’t already. Contact me here if you’d like more information on how I can help you get a better ROI from you website and increase your business.

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