What Are Your Mornings Like?

What Are Your Mornings Like?

Recently I’ve been working on my productivity, one thing that is helping is having more of a routine in the morning. Actually it’s more like time block 7:00-8:00 certain types of activities, etc. and it’s helping me to be more productive.  Thats why I was intrigued when ran across this challenge Make the Most of Your Mornings on the Money Saving Mom Blog . It’s a 3 week challenge which is currently in progress and a good chunk of the way done, but It has a lots of helpful tips. Each day there is a challenge, some of these challenges include the age old  advice of Start Your Day The Night Before. Other challenges are to, Create a Realistic To-Do List, Eat Something Nutritious,  Don’t Focus on Quitting Bad Habits, Focus on Starting Good Habits.  I encourage you to take a look at this challenge and implement things that work for you as she states on state on day 13, There Is No One Right Way to make the most of your morning. These are just things that work for a lot of people. Tweak them and use them to make the most of your days.  So, do what works for you and I hope you have a better mornings and days in the future.

If you want more encouragement to apply these, follow my on my bygproductions page or my homeschool page where I’ll be featuring one of these challenges for the next several weeks.

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