Three Good DIY Home Improvement Projects

Three Good DIY Home Improvement Projects

There’s nothing like the weekend to bring out the home improvement weekend warrior in you. The lure of DIY home improvement projects has captured the imagination of a budget-conscious nation and is one of the fastest growing hobbies in the world. So if you’re itching to put your hands to work building and improving your home, here’s a few simple projects that could help you get started:

Starting Small with Painting Projects

A good coat of paint can do wonders for a neglected garage wall or a stained bathroom ceiling. Painting is one of the easiest and most affordable DIY projects. If you have never worked on a DIY project before, consider polishing up your skills by painting a small test area to see if you have the correct paint mixture and shade. Once you’re confident that the wall will look good, ensure that the wall surface has been cleared of any peeling paint and is perfectly dry. Remove all electrical fixtures and nearby furniture before you paint. A can of epoxy paint can do wonders to a scruffy or peeling wall and give you the immense satisfaction of completing your very first DIY project. If you’d rather not experiment on a wall, try sanding and painting an old piece of furniture to start with.

Bathrooms and Kitchen Sink Projects

Replacing bathroom and kitchen sinks are great for first-time weekend warriors. Sink and faucet installations don’t require a lot of raw materials and most sinks come with a complete installation guide. Working with copper farmhouse sinks or vessel sinks requires almost no advanced knowledge of plumbing or building. Artisan crafted sinks from online stores such as come with detailed installation instructions for DIY enthusiasts. Ensure that the water is turned off, your tools and sealants at hand and you should have no trouble installing a sink, faucet or even a shower kit.

Taking on the Challenge of Tiling

Tiling is probably one of the most challenging and fulfilling of all home improvement projects. Before you embark on a mission to tile the bathroom, it’s important to measure the tiled area and learn to shape and cut tile for the areas around sinks and pipes. If you pay attention to laying down the primary tiling mix and grouting the tile correctly, you should have no trouble completing this project. However, you should attempt tiling a floor only after you have gained experience working with tiles, tiling tools and cement.

Embarking on a simple painting project, installing a sink or tiling a bathroom require you to think creatively and adapt to the situation at hand. The most hardcore DIY enthusiasts testify that planning and thinking out of the box are the greatest assets to the successful completion of a Do-It-Yourself project.

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