The Value of Shopping Sales

The Value of Shopping Sales

I don’t know if you’re into shopping sales, like Black Friday, but I am and here’s why. My take this year in one store was 20 items for approximately 7 dollars each. No, I didn’t camp out three days ahead and didn’t start shopping at midnight either. I check my ads Thanksgiving Day and pick the stores I wanted to go, this year it was three. I usually set my alarm, but this year I said if I wake up I’ll go. I woke up about 5:00am without the alarm, left home about 6:00am . I got to the Kohl’s parking lot and had no trouble parking, When I walked into the store there were plenty of associates and I found the things I wanted still in abundance. I was told it was absolutely crazy at midnight so I’m glad I got my sleep. I spent $140, saved $318 off the regular price and have $30 of in store cash to spend. Here is what my $400 of merchandise for $140 got me, some ear buds for a gift, a Flip Video camera, 2 Christmas rugs, 2 bath mats, 2 throws to send to the reservations with Operation 29:11, 1 throw to keep, 2 bath towels, 3 washcloths, a button down shirt, 2 sweaters, and 3 knit tops, not bad aye?

The things I buy these days on Black Friday are different than they used to be. When my girls were younger it was mostly Christmas gifts for them, but now the things they want for Christmas aren’t usually a part of Black Friday sales. There are some stores I won’t go to on Black Friday, and I won’t get in line at midnight or camp several days in advance in front of the store either. I do try to go early though, the crowds are generally lighter for the stores I go to and by the time I’m done that is when the crowds are getting thick. This year I was home by around 12:30pm and people were waiting for my parking space

I’ve been shopping sales, for as long as I can remember, for a variety of reasons at different times in my life. It’s so ingrained, that even if I had the money of Bill Gates or Warren Buffet, I think I would still shop sales. Why pay retail when you can get it for less? During my adventure this year I also go some baby gifts for my gift drawer, so I’ll be ready for the next baby shower with something cute, that I got on sale. During the Christmas shopping season I also look for gifts for Valentines day, my husbands birthday and our anniversary. I got some extra added bonuses from my Black Friday shopping this year, but you’ll have to wait for a future post to hear about those. As you are shopping the sales this season and throughout the year, think ahead to the future. Add a comment below and tell us about the deals you found recently or in the pa

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