Save money with a food vacuum sealer

What causes food to spoil? Ask ten different people and you’re likely to get ten different answers. The correct answer is “mold and bacteria,” both of which need oxygen to grow. Cut off the oxygen and food lasts up to ten times longer.

Enter the vacuum sealer

Foodsaver, a popular brand of vacuum sealer, was at the forefront of vacuum sealer technology 20 years ago. Today’s machines are miles ahead of the old “wooden boxes,” yet the process has not changed much. Put the food in a special bag, suck out the air and voila! you have just extended the life of your food product. No air, means no oxygen, which means food lasts 10 times longer . . .

What a food vacuum sealer can do:

Extend the life of meat to up to two years;

Extend the life of vegetables to months instead of weeks;

Create a “safe” way to store food when traveling away from a refrigerator for extended periods of time;

Create “meal in a bag” options that just need to be boiled for a few minutes in the vacuum packed bag;

Help a family save, on average, 20 percent on their grovery bill simply because food does not get thrown out;

Create emergency kits with matches, and other water damageable products

What a food vacuum sealer cannot do:

Vacuum seal bread the loaf will get crushed;

Bring spoiled food back to life once it’s gone, it’s gone;

Extend the life of food indefinitely a tiny bit of oxygen still remains even in professionally sealed bags;

Store liquids such as milk and orange juice – you will create a mess!

A foodsaver is innocuous enough. It sits in the corner of your kitchen, out of the way waiting to be used. It takes less the 30 seconds to suck the air out and seal the specially designed food sealer bag.

A food vacuum sealer is a must for most families there is no longer a need for wax paper, zip sealed bags, and other “old school” methods of preservation. For less than the price of these old fashioned storage bags, food vacuum sealers will vacuum pack everything from your favorite soups to your giant shopping extravaganza at the local warehouse club and it will do so with little effort on your part. You’re so smart!

The article was prepared by Jonathan Winter. You can find out more about food vacuum sealers at his two websites, and

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