Lose Weight While Shopping

Lose Weight While Shopping

In my last post I shared with you about my Black Friday shopping experience. I also shared that I got some extra bonuses, two to be exact, that I would talk about later.

Bonus # 1

Later is here, while I was shopping I realized that I was getting a workout at the same time. I got my weight lifting in while carrying armloads of clothes to try on, which I did three times. I also got a little cardio when trying on the clothes as I was trying to hurry. As I collected items to purchase I put them in a bag and hauled it around more weight lifting. When the bag got too full I found a cart but by then I was really wanting to get out of the store so I was walking quickly from department to department getting a little more cardio. Now this might sound like I’m trying to justify why I didn’t exercise that day and how I got my exercise in, and you would be good to question that as I am good at justifying things. But, I wear a bodybugg which measures my activity in calorie burn and I burned an extra 400 calories that day from shopping.

Bonus # 2

As a result of working out with Nichole Rozendaal owner of Fit IQ, and applying her advice to my eating, I was able to fit into a smaller size top. The pants I was trying on or fitting better as well. Anyone who has tried on clothes in the store and been discouraged, knows how good it feels to try on clothes and have them fit and look nice. So, you can imagine how thrilled I was.

Why wait?

Typically between Thanksgiving and the end of the year most Americans gain weight, and then in January hit the gym to lose weight which is part of their New Year Resolutions. My encouragement is why wait? Work on it while you’re shopping, by parking at the back of the lot, moving quickly through the store when able, and picking and choosing which indulgences you partake of at the various events. Nichole has encouraged me not go to events hungry, eat veggies which are usually available, take a healthy, low calorie treat, then there will be at least one thing I can eat. Then I can have a few bites of something less healthy if its something I really like.  She also has me doing two minutes of exercise just before or after I eat. This gets the exercise in in little spurts as well as raises my heart rate briefly.

Let’s take advantage of the end-of-the-year sales and enjoy trying on clothes.  During this holiday season will you join me as I try to move more, take tasty alternatives to  functions, and savor only a few treats per event? I would also encourage you to like Fit IQ’s Facebook page and check out her blog posts starting in December instead of waiting until January.

Do you have any tasty, healthy, low calorie treats to share? Post them in the comments below. Here’s to losing weight in December instead of gaining!

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