Decrease Stress in Your Home With These 15 Decorating Tips

Decrease Stress in Your Home With These 15 Decorating Tips

There is really no place like your home and making it presentable is not something you just do for anyone but yourself. The way you keep your house says a lot about how you feel. One look at your decorations and people can readily say whether you’re stressed,  happy or simply neutral. Your choice of design, paint and decorations send out signals that could be disturbing your family members and guests and most importantly yourself.

You may not know it but the word STRESS may be written exactly where you don’t want it to be and that’s what we’re going to remedy with these 15 stress-free decorating tips.

  1. Knowing what you want first will help. Do you like oriental, western, nature-based or something like you’ve seen in a magazine? Make a Pinterest board to store ideas so you have a visual reference.
  2. Wow them at your door. Entice visitors by beautiful arrangements of flowers in vases, vivid paintings or beautiful wall decors.
  3. Try upgrading your furniture by re-covering, getting new pillows or a fresh coat of paint.
  4. Re-position things to change things up and give you a new feeling.
  5. Need a picture for the living room, or other large wall? You don’t need to spend  thousands of dollars for a single painting, instead have one of your own photos printed on canvas.
  6. When it comes to painting your walls, choose colors that will liven things up, pastels are good for this.
  7. Instead of paying mall prices for  new  things, consider garage sales or thrift stores. Keep your theme from #1 in mind.
  8. If you have space so small, use mirrors to help make your room look big.
  9. Reface your kitchen  cupboards with vinyl skins to make them look stylish and new.
  10. Change the way you light your house. Decorating your lampshades with your hubby or your kids would be a fun thing to do.
  11. If your house full of kids speaks of clutter, learn how to hide them in decorative furniture like cubed chairs.
  12. Keep cabinets for extra space. If you want storage and clutter-less space, store everything you have in cabinets in an organized way.
  13. Green is healthy, beautiful, clean, and relaxing. Maintaining a garden cools the breeze relaxes your tired eyes and helps you get exercise.
  14. Make your home comfortable by putting cushions on seats, magazines and books at your coffee table or simply a vase of fresh flowers at the center table for a natural fragrant and enticing smell.
  15. Focus on one area at a time. Don’t try to do it all in one day. Focus on the area that’s bugging you the most make a detailed plan and start checking things off one at a time.

Pick a few things to work on. Progress bit by bit and you’ll be surprised how easy it is to make your house look like cozy and stressed free.

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