Can My $50 Mistake Save You $10?

Can My $50 Mistake Save You $10?

If your are a Verizon prepaid user, read on. I bought a portable Wifi to take with me when I went to the desert. The story behind that is long so I’ll spare you. Anyway, in April I went to Best Buy to get a card, having trouble finding what I was looking for I was directed to a Verizon Card. When I went to top off my device it wasn’t working. After spending a ½ hr with tech support I finally figured out the the Verizon card would not work on my Virgin device. Unfortunately they could not give me a refund. So now I’m looking for someone who could use a Verizon  prepaid card. I bought it on 4/18/12, so it’s good for 90 days. I’m asking $40 for a $50 card. Use the Contact form to message me privately and we’ll work out the details. Lesson learned know what brand my device is before I go shopping.

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