Are You Sending Your Children to Summer Camp This Year?

When kids start to exert their independence parents should not stop them from wanting to go out and explore the world. One of the best ways to get them started is by sending them to summer camp. There are many benefits that a child can get from joining camp while school is out.

First, it is one way for children to be physically active. At this point in their lives children are very energetic and camp activities are a great way for them to release their pent up energy. Second, camp activities encourage teamwork among children. This is a wonderful way for them to learn how to socialize and to develop their self-esteem by interacting with other children their age. Camp activities boost a child’s confidence especially when they get recognized for little thing that they accomplish.

There are important life lessons that kids can learn from joining camp. In camp they learn how to follow instructions, to develop their physical strength during sports activities, to sharpen their artistic skills, performing skills, as well as develop a thirst for adventure and exploration. They grow more independent as they start to build a world of their own apart form their own families. At camp they develop a sense of solidarity with their camp mates, they learn how to respect each other and have a sense of responsibility towards the tasks assigned to them. Most importantly, at camp, they learn how to disconnect themselves from the gadgets and toys that they usually play with at home It helps them reconnect with nature and to learn that there is a world out there to explore.

One camp to consider is Camp Horizons in Virginia. This camp has been operating for 30 years now and has been providing young campers with a safe and supportive community where they can thrive, grow, and learn. They employ highly trained staff who genuinely care for the development of campers. With structured programs for different age levels, this educational camp focuses on both work and play making it fun and memorable for kids.

For kids who love the outdoors try Cheley Colorado Camp. Here they will be exposed to all kinds of activities such as horse back riding, hiking, archery, and even riflery. Camp Starlight, located in Pennsylvania has been around for over 60 years and has upheld a tradition of friendship, adventure, fun, and family. With activities such as performing arts, sports, and creative arts, kids will have a ton of fun at the same time a lot of learning as well.

When the time is right for your family to send your child to camp, make sure to do your due diligence and find a quality camp with a long history who’s values match those of your family. If you’ve sent your child to a camp you’d recommend please put it in the comments below. How old were your children when you felt they were ready for camp?

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