ByGProductions’  first website was in 2002 thanks to the help of my husband. That was the first year I (Valerie Pugsley) made my annual Used Curriculum Sales Flyer available online. This paper flyer began in 1995 and lists the local Used Curriculum sales that happen May thru July each year in my area.

Over the years I have dabble with a variety of online activities starting with eBay in 2003 as byg_sales. I’ve also sold things on other sites and currently have books on half.com. In 2008 I began writing webpages on a format called Squidoo. In June of 2010 my youngest daughter graduated from homeschooling and in September I ramped up my online ventures.

In 2011 the website is getting its 2nd upgrade and from here or my bygproductions facebook page you can follow my online activities.

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